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KARDIO-MED3 - Office for Internal Medicine and Cardiology in Heidelberg

How does our team take care of you?

Depending on the goals or medical indication our cardiologist Dr. med. Claus-Henning Wolde and his team of the cardiological office in the Doctors' House West will assist you in nutritional counseling. The office offers all modern methods for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and vessel diseases with the most modern equipment. Further emphasis lies in the development of individual preventional concepts as well as sports medicine and performance diagnostics.

In which cases is a Nutition-Check recommended?

The Nutrition Consultation serves both the prevention as well as the therapy of many nutrition-based diseases (these consultation services are approved and subsidized by many health insurers after medical indication):

  • Reduction of overweight
  • Reduction of elevated blood fattiness level
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Increased performance for athletes
  • Insecurity in the attitude to food
  • Stress
  • Anti-(Well-)Aging-Nutrition
  • Diabetes mellitus, gout
  • Food intolerances
  • Osteoporosis
  • Menopause
  • Diseases and disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Kidney diseases
  • Congenital metabolic diseases


What can be achieved with a healthy nutrition?

It is the goal of an assisted change of nutrition to improve your well being, to increase your resistance capability and your mental and physical performance, to counteract risk factors and to increase your quality of life.

During the nutrition counseling we develop together with you an individual concept based on your goals and personal situation which helps you change your eating habits permanently, without losing pleasure and joy in eating.

How does nutrition counseling take place?

During an extensive talk we gather detailed information on your health goals, your current disorders, previous diseases, risks, lifestyle and eating habits. Based on the analysis of these data we develop together with you a nutritional concept which supports you in reaching your health goals and well being. This concept includes an individual nutritional plan developed just for you and which fulfills the requirements of a healthy and performance increasing diet without reducing the joy of food.


For many people nutrition means well-being, pleasure and health.

However, unfavorable nutrition, depending on the content and amount as well as the attitude to food can lead to health problems and restrictions in quality of life for individual persons.

There is a lot of controversial information and advice on the subject of nutrition. It is often not easy to find correct information and the implementation into daily life is often harder than one thinks.

Many modern diseases can be prevented by an appropriate form of nutrition. Thispreventive or also therapeutic measure plays an important role in our office.

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Office for Internal Medicine and Cardiology
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