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Office for Internal Medicine and Cardiology - MED CENTER HOCKENHEIM


The stroke is one of the most feared diseases. For one thing this is due to its often sudden and unexpected onset, for another it is also due to its disabilities it can leave. Fortunately experience shows that a large part of strokes are relatively mild, especially if the patient receives immediate medical care. Many disabilities and function failures recede after a while so that a stroke does not necessarily mean that a permanent need for help and care arises.

Is the stroke an inevitable and fateful event?

This question can be answered clearly with a No. In the majority of cases we can find in advance indications of the individual stroke risk through preventive and early detection exams in specialized doctor offices. A careful exam can show the individual risk optimally and derive a reasonable therapy strategy and it searches for risk factors and displays with the help of high quality ultra sound technologies any possible changes in the heart and vessels and it searches for disorders of the heart electricity. Such an exam is performed quickly and without a big time frame. It does not hurt and it has no side effects, is financially reasonable and is a useful investment in being able to age in a healthy way and live a life worth living.

Consultation for Stroke-Risk-Check

In our Stroke-Risk-Check - consultation hour (you choose the time and day, preferably in the afternoons) we can examine and consult you extensively and competently on any questions concerning the subject stroke. You decide on the extent of the exams. The billing is an average fee based on the medical fee schedule.