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Office Philosophy & Self-Image

Treatment and diagnosis are more than medical services.They gain their quality through the method and manner of delivery.

We offer you internal medicine, angiology, cardiology, sports performance diagnostics and preventive medicine out of one hand with quality- oriented human and professional attention concerning all problems around your heart in a calming atmosphere and pleasant ambience.

We are an established cardiological specialist office with angiological and cardiological key areas and would like to not only maintain but advance our present standard. Standing still with regard to the state of technical equipment for us does not exist, as well as in our professional education and training.



We are committed to fulfilling the needs of our patients, our partners and the health insurance providers at all times, and we constantly strive to improve our quality management system. We are open to any kind of recommendation and criticism.

We hope and wish that this forthrightness provided by us will make it easy for you to find comfort and trust in the services of our office.

As a well accepted partner of our patients, the transferring colleagues, the local and nationwide clinics and especially the university cardiological performance centers as well as the statutory and private health insurance providers, we offer excellent quality in medical diagnostics and therapy, accompanied by an exceptionally well organized office and tested quality management.