Dr. med. Bernd Hauer

Bernd Hauer, Dr. med., born in 1961

Curriculum Vitae:

  • Studies in human medicine at the Medical University in Heidelberg from 1982 until 1988
  • Doctorate at the Medical University Clinic in Heidelberg in 1989
  • Specialist medical training for Internal Medicine and Cardiology as well as
  • Electrophysiological specialist training with Prof. Dr. med. J. Senges at the Clinic in
  • Ludwigshafen until 1998
  • Senior physician with PD Dr. Schuster in Kleve until 1999
  • 1999 until 2007 senior physician with Prof. Dr. med. U. Sechtem at the Robert-
  • Bosch-Hospital in Stuttgart: Head of the Pacemaker Department and the
  • Electrophysiological Laboratory with catheter ablation for all common rhythm disorders
  • Since 2007 in joint office with Dr. med. C.-H. Wolde in Heidelberg

Focus areas:

  • Outpatient invasive cardiology with heart catheter diagnostics and therapy
  • Electropysiological exam and therapy
  • Outpatient pacemaker- and defibrillator implantation as well as
  • Pacemaker- and defibrillator after care